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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cant get your DLC to work on your games, REGION COMPATIBILITY ISSUES. (SOLVED)

Download the compatible DLC for any region PS3 game.

I faced similar problems with many games, e.g. red dead redemption, Need for Speed hot pursuit (while activating the online pass)
But I found a very easy solution.
In my Case I had a UK PSN Account, and I had region 3 (hong kong) version of games.

And I could'nt get the DLC to work on any of my games. So, I created a Region 3 psn account (because I had region 3 PS3 Games) And Then I made a new PS3 USER, and Logged in with my HONG KONG PSN.
Then i downloaded the DLC from my hong kong account and installed it.

As the DLC is stored on your hard drive, I could play on my original account.

 NOTE: Make sure you DONT delete the user with the hong kong account, otherwise your DLC will also get deleted!


When there are more than one users on a PS3, it will ask you, which user to log in on the start up. (which may be annoying to some)
There is a easy solution to that too!

Just log in to your original User
Got to USER tab on the XMB
Now press the TRIANGLE button on your user.
Select the 'Automatic Login'
Select 'On'

Thats IT!

Leave your questions or feedback below.


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