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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Play Music in background while scrolling through your photo collection or Surfing the internet

You can easily play music in the background by following there easy steps:-

Step 1. Go to the Music tab and play the song you like.
Step 2. Press the PS button on your controller.

The XMB (cross media bar) of your PS3 will appear but the music will continue playing!
You can go and look at you pictures stored in you PS3's hard drive, and surf the internet on you PS3's internet browser.

BONUS TRICK: If you are in the middle of something important on you PS3's browser and want to change the song, then there is no need to turn the browser off any more!
Just press the PS button on your controller, the XMB will pop up over the browser.
Just go and change the song.
If you want to fast forward the song then select the song which is playing, A miniature music player will pop up!!!!!!!!

When you are done, press the PS button again to return to the browser!!



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