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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting a weak WiFi Signal?? follow these simple Tips to Boost you wifi signal upto 20%

Many people have a weak WiFi signal. Read the tips below to enhance your WiFi signal up to 20% and also learn how to make an antenna for your router!

1. Don't try to hide the router out of sight! (You!, YES YOU!! pull your router from under the sofa)
2. Try to minimize the number of obstacle between your Router and your PS3, because furniture greatly    decreases your WiFi signal. 
3 Try to put you router on a high spot. (this will definitely improve your WiFi signal!)

Finally, follow this simple tutorial to make your self a WiFi signal boosting antenna!

Step  1. Take a 12" by 12" foot piece of aluminum foil.
Step  2. Lay down the aluminum foil on a table.
Step  3. Put a pencil on one side of the aluminum foil like this.
Step 4. Roll the foil around the Pencil tightly.
Step 5. Make it nice, stiff and tight.
Step 6.wrap a little bit of tape around it to make it stay together! try to make it as firm as you can!
Step 7. when it is nice and firm, gently slide the pencil out without damaging you antenna.
Step 8. Put you router antenna in the aluminum foil inside the cavity you made using the pencil!
Step 9. Feel free to tweak your antenna a little bit so it fits perfectly over your routers antenna!

Congratulation! you have made yourself a WiFi signal boosting antenna!
With this baby on your router, and your router on a high place you can definitely boost your WiFi signal up to 20%



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