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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Updating you PS3 software directly can be a dreadfully slow process.

You need a lot of patience to directly update your PS3. But, a simple and quick solution is available!!!To update you PS3 via a Storage device, perform these easy steps!

When a new update for your PS3 is available, then follow this LINK

Select your region.
After that scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the PS3 update box.
Click on the PS3 update icon and download the PS3 update.

After that, get your Portable storage device and make a folder in it named "PS3" (without quotes )
In the folder "PS3" make another folder named "UPDATE" (without quotes, letters must be capital)

Put the file you downloaded in the "UPDATE" folder

Attach the portable storage device to your PS3
Go to the "Settings" tab on your PS3
Select "System Update"
Select "Update via storage device"

Your PS3 will now quickly update via your storage device!



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