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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Change the album art on your PS3

When you put songs in your PS3, it automatically updates the album cover art!
But sometimes the PS3 gets it wrong! It puts up wrong album art or doesn't update it.
To change or put up a new album art follow the steps below!
To Download the required album art image:-
1. Start the internet browser on your PS3.
2. After the browser loads up, press the start button on your controller.
3. A text entry window will appear, type in "" without the quotes.
4. Select "images" on top of the google page.
5. Now type in the name of your album and click "search images"
6. Now click on the desired image.
7. Another page will open with the thumbnail of the image, select the option "See full size image".
8. When the image loads up press the "TRIANGLE" button.
9. Then select the "File" option.
10 Now select "Save image".
11. Now select "Hard Disc (Photo)" as the destination.

Download the image, after the image is downloaded, Press the X button to close the browser.

Now lets fix the album art!

1. Go to the "MUSIC" tab and go to the album or song with the wrong album art and press the "TRIANGLE" button.
2. Now select the "Information" option.
3. Now hover over the album art thumbnail and press the circle "O" button to edit.
4. After that, scroll through you photos gallery and find the image you downloaded earlier and press the circle "O" button to select it.

You have now change the album art



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